As a software provider, you want to facilitate your customers where possible. Offering a payment solution is increasingly
a part of this. But what is involved in creating such a new revenue model? Providers of financial and administrative software
make life easier for their customers in numerous ways. They support their customers with smart software solutions, for example for the collection and processing of invoices and direct-debit orders, streamlining their (online) accounting and for smooth processing of recurring payments (increasingly important in the subscription economy). Other providers build specific
software solutions for industries that serve many customers, such as motion and food apps for fitness centres and ordering apps for hospitality businesses. Also, more and more software providers are focusing on the growing number of services within the Internet of Things (IoT) and the (recurring) payments that come with it.

In order to better meet the needs of users, an increasing number of software providers are therefore opting to incorporate payments into their product and process them themselves via a so-called white-label payment solution. This has a number of advantages: Read about it in our latest paper 👉