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POM optimizes the invoicing process for both sides of the market: billers and customers. POM’s invoice payment services allow companies to both significantly lower their collection costs and speed up receivables. At the same time their customers are able to enjoy POM’s superior payment experience in a multichannel environment (across e-mail, mobile, messaging and paper).

POM's customers are active in a wide range of sectors: from energy companies to public institutions. POM’s mission is to eliminate useless time and effort spent on inefficient systems and by doing so to free up space for the more important things in life. That’s why POM stands for Peace Of Mind. POM is based in Antwerp, Belgium and was founded in 2014.

How we help

The Challenge

As POM is active in a two-sided market, they face the challenge to convince both businesses and consumers to start using payment solutions. Thanks to a handful of early adopters, POM is now able to provide businesses with compelling arguments to choose for POM.

In order to convince end users to pay through POM, it is crucial to gain their trust. Therefore they provide our clients with marketing & communication tools to clearly explain the benefits of POM to their customers.

The Challenge
Strong partners

POM entered into a partnership with Addity

"The cooperation with Addity allows us to better serve our customers and respond to their changing needs. Thanks to Addity, it has become easier, faster and safer to pay via POM.

Moreover, Addity’s flexible mindset fits well with POM’s mission to help overcome frustrations about invoices and to make the entire payment process as smooth as possible – and even enjoyable. We’re very pleased with the collaboration so far and we’re looking forward to keep innovating together for the benefit of our customers."

POM entered into a partnership with Addity

Solutions and results

POM’s payment solutions are aimed at improving the payment experience for invoices, fines, taxes, membership fees, or basically any document which requires a payment. Businesses can sign up to receive payments via POM either through a direct integration (via API), or through one of our partners which have integrated POM in their software. We strive to make it quick and easy to integrate POM in existing systems and work flows, with minimal IT impact and investment on the client’s side. For our clients, offering POM as a payment method is a way to optimize their invoice collection processand at the same time to improve the payment experience for their customers.

All of our clients are able to accelerate their incoming payments after the introduction of POM. The actual impact depends on the sector, but we see that on average 70% of those who pay via POM pay their invoice within 10 days upon receiving it. 40% of them pay immediately (on the same day they receive the invoice). With regard to adoption, we see that the share of customers who pay via POM is increasing every month (with percentages up to 10% growth per month in the first year after the introduction of POM).

Pom’s ambitions for the future

"Our primary goal is to help as many people as possible to overcome their frustrations about paying invoices."

That’s why convenience and ease of use is at the center of POM’s payment solutions.

Moving forward our ambition is to further accelerate our growth in terms of transactions, clients and Next to direct API based integrations with large clients, we are also looking to expand the number of connections with software tools for SME’s, so more and more small organizations can easily get access to POM’s payment technology

Adding payments solutions for fast scaling companies

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