Our solution for Subscription Services

Do you want to automate the billing, collecting and follow-up of subscription payments in an effective manner? When offering periodic payments, it is essential to strike the right balance between comfort and security.

All of your subscribers and subscriptions in one overview

All of your subscribers and subscriptions in one overview

The current processes for subscription payment processing are often manual and time-consuming. The process of adding new subscribers or deleting existing subscribers can also be simplified and made more user-friendly.

You can find all your subscriptions and matching bills in our back-end system. By using different filters, you can easily make a selection. Modify the subscription, check the payment status or subscription choice.

Subscription Services steps


Create a subscription

Add a name and description. which payments have been made of whether there’s a delay in payment.


Billing schedule.

Choose your billing period (monthly/weekly, etcetera).


Non-recurring costs (optional).

Create a setup fee. been made of whether there’s a delay in payment.


Recurring costs.

Recurring costs


All done.

Or create a new subscription.

Subscription Services **steps**

The advantages of Subscription Services

The **advantages** of Subscription Services

Fully automated billing process for subscriptions

The **advantages** of Subscription Services

Reports at customer level

The **advantages** of Subscription Services

Bill is followed up by Credit Management

The **advantages** of Subscription Services

Get a grip on late payments

Case: POM
Case: POM
Case: POM

Our primary goal is to help as many people as possible to overcome their frustrations about paying invoices.

POM’s mission is to eliminate useless time and effort spent on inefficient systems and by doing so to free up space for the more important things in life. That’s why POM stands for Peace Of Mind.


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